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Sail Hard & Sail Mild Steel Plate

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What is Sail Hard Plate?

The most popular product lines of steel are produced by one of the native steel-producing enterprises, the Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL). These plates find a versatile application in industrial settings and are part of the product lines at SAIL.

Sail Hard Plate: “Sail Hard” emanates from a steel plate that is wear-resistance by nature and is made by SAIL. This grade of steel has been made in a way that it is heavily resistant to deterioration. Places of heavy usage may include construction machinery, mining equipment, and material handling.

Sail Mild Steel Plate: “SAIL Mild Steel Plate” is a term commonly used as a character to show the mild plates manufactured by the firm SAIL. Technically speaking, mild steel is the carbon steel with the least composition of carbon and, in actuality, it is known to be the most popular demanded material on the market regarding construction or general engineering manufacturing. The firm makes mild steel plates in different grades and various thicknesses to envelope multiple usages in structural components, general fabrication, and industrial machinery.

Equivalent grades of Sail Hard Steel Plate

Abrasion Resistant Steel AR400, Abrasion Resistant Steel AR400, Abrasion Resistant Steel AR500, Abrasion Resistant Steel AR600, Abrasion Resistant Steel AR400 Wear Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates, Abrasion Resistant Steel 600 Wear Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates, Abrasion Resistant Steel AR500 Wear Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates, IS-2062 E-410C IS2062 E450A, IS2062 E450BR, IS2062 E550A, IS2062 E450BR, IS2062 E550A, IS2062 E550BR IS-2062 E450 A, IS-2062 E450 BR, IS-2062 E550 A, IS-2062 E450 BR, IS-2062 E550 A, IS-2062 E550 BR IS2062 E600A, IS2062 E600BR, IS2062 E650A, IS2062 E650BR IS-2062 E600 A, IS-2062 E600 BR, IS-2062 E650 A, IS-2062 E650 BR SAILMA 300 HIGH TENSILE STRUCTURAL STEEL PLATES DEALER, SAILMA STEEL PLATES, 410 SAILMA PLATES, 450 HIGH STRENGTH STEEL PLATE, SAILMA STEEL PLATES EXPORTER, SAILMA 300 STRUCTURAL PLATES, SAILMA STEEL PLATE SUPPLIER IN INDIA.

Shiv Shakti Steel & Metals provide a manufacturing unit in Sail Hard Plate Our dedication ranges from manufacturing, supplying, and exporting across the globe of these plates. In order words, Superior products are readily obtained when Sailma Plates are manufactured with the best European standards over a large number of applications.

Each has different dimensions and finishes required to meet specific needs. We are also into the manufacture of clients’ preferred shapes and sizes of plates with a promise to fit them accurately. These plates, amazingly, embody qualities that could withstand chloride, and resist mild cyclic environments responsible for their highly erosive properties.

Hard steel plates hostily resist corrosion and wear and tear more than atmospheres from hard steel plates. They have a long life in harsh chemicals such as sulphuric, phosphoric, organic, and inorganic acids. Further, they resist getting oxidized by creating insulation on their top layer.

The Structural Steel Plates are high tensile grade steel taking care of extraordinary strength in varied grades inclusive of Abrasion Resistant AR400, Abrasion Resistant AR450, and many more others, available for you. High demand for these products can be seen in industries where robust load-bearing is required. Since they have high tensile strength, they are quite sturdy and durable enough to take on pressure for a very long duration.

These steel plates find versatile applications that involve machine building, container building, steel structures, bridge construction, vehicle construction, and construction of transport, mobile equipment, and automotive production. Construction of SAILMA steel plates, however, undergoes the most accurate and rigorous quality tests, including hardness, tensile strength, flaring, flattening, mechanical and chemical tests, intergranular corrosion tests, PMI, visual inspection, and third-party inspection. In this manner, through their strict quality control, it makes sure that they have good utility and cannot spoil over time.


Mechanical Properties of Sail Hard Plate

ThicknessYield StrengthTensile StrengthElongationHardness
1mm to 300mm700 MPa to 850 MPa1000 MPa to 1250 MPa20% to 30%400 to 500 HBW

Chemical Properties of Sail Hard Plate

0.20% to 0.40%0.60% to 1.50%0.050%below 0.050%0.15% to 0.40%

PRICE OF Sail Hard Plate & Sail Mild Steel Plate

85 Per Kg approx
  • Sail Hard Steel PLate
  • Sail Mild Steel Plate
  • Steel Angle Bars
  • Rectangular SAIL Mild Steel

Sail Hard Steel Plate Specification :

Item:  Sail Hard Plate & Sail Mild Steel Plate
Thickness: 1mm-300mm
Width: 1000mm-2500mm
Length: 3000mm-18000mm

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