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IS2062 E250 Sailma Steel Plate

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What is "IS2062 E250 " Steel Plate?

IS2062 E250 Steel Plate denotes the perfect amalgamation of strength, use, and impact. It is the steel equivalent of a superhero set on the task of heavy applications. In construction, automotive, or heavy machines, IS2062 E250 is your partner in crime, ready to stand reliable in every way. Measures up to the intensity synonymous with wear and tear appropriate for all applications that require strength and resilience.

“IS2062 E250” is a chant of almost a prayer heard often in industries, most echoed with great pride. For it unfolds as something more solid, something ahead of its time—it shows steel as a promise of which lightness, strength, and profound efficiency happen as a matter of design.

This is a kind of high-tensile structural steel, a specific breed of quality that makes the transcending of the ordinary build sites possible. In essence, its power lies in the birthing of not just products but stories of strength.

Equivalent grades of Sailma Steel Plate 

IS2062 E-250 FE410WA, IS2062 E-250 FE410WB, IS2062 E-250 FE410WC, IS-2062 E-250 FE410 WA, IS-2062 E-250 FE410 WB, IS 2062 E-250 FE410 WC, IS2062 E-300 FE440, IS2062 E-350 FE490, IS2062 E-410 FE540, IS2062 E-450 FE570-D, IS-2062 E-300 FE440, IS-2062 E-350 FE490, IS-2062 E-410 FE540, IS-2062 E-450 FE570-D, IS2062 E-450 FE590-E, IS2062 E250 A, IS2062 E250BR, IS2062 E250BO, IS2062 E250, IS-2062 E-450 FE590-E, IS-2062 E-250A, IS-2062 E-250BR, IS-2062 E-250BO, IS-2062 E-250C IS2062 E-350A, IS2062 E-350BR, IS2062 E-350BO, IS2062 E-350C IS-2062 E-350 A, IS-2062 E-350 BR, IS-2062 E-350 BO, IS-2062 E-350 C IS2062 E-410A, IS2062 E-410BR, IS2062 E-410BO, IS2062 E-410C IS-2062 E-410A, IS-2062 E-410BR, IS-2062 E-410BO, IS-2062 E-410C IS2062 E450A, IS2062 E450BR, IS2062 E550A, IS2062 E450BR, IS2062 E550A, IS2062 E550BR IS-2062 E450 A, IS-2062 E450 BR, IS-2062 E550 A, IS-2062 E450 BR, IS-2062 E550 A, IS-2062 E550 BR IS2062 E600A, IS2062 E600BR, IS2062 E650A, IS2062 E650BR IS-2062 E600 A, IS-2062 E600 BR, IS-2062 E650 A, IS-2062 E650 BR SAILMA 300 HIGH TENSILE STRUCTURAL STEEL PLATES DEALER, SAILMA STEEL PLATES, 410 SAILMA PLATES, 450 HIGH STRENGTH STEEL PLATE, SAILMA STEEL PLATES EXPORTER, SAILMA 300 STRUCTURAL PLATES, SAILMA STEEL PLATE SUPPLIER IN INDIA.

Shiv Shakti Steel & Metals is representing itself as the leading company involved in the manufacturing of SAILMA plates, not at all confined to just manufacturing, further, these plates will be supplied to the global markets at any corner of the world. Sailma Plates are manufactured by keeping the European standards fully in mind and portent high quality which is superior and second to none for the applications.

With the available different forms, finishes, and dimensions locally, our plates allay the thick and long requirements as per client specifications. We also fabricate plates by size, fit and user-required shape. Remarkably enough, the plates have found a niche where they are said to withstand chloride and mild cyclic environment which under normal circumstances corrode plates.

SAILMA plates are known to exhibit performance against corrosive atmospheres withstanding even the odds of an abrasive atmosphere. The wear resistance property is also tremendous; they do not go through wear and tear even in high corrosion environments. They display marvellous longevity against chemicals that include chemicals, which are sulfuric, phosphoric, nitric, organic, and inorganic acids and remain resistant to oxidizing possibilities that would present with different protective oxidization on their surfaces.

This highest tensile grade of steel ensures extreme strength in use. SAILMA Structural Steel Plates are available in forms like IS2062 E-250 FE410WA, IS2062 E-250 FE410WB, IS2062 E-250 FE410WC, IS-2062 E-250 FE410 WA, IS-2062 E-250 FE410 WB, IS 2062 E-250 FE410 WC, and so on. These are the plates that can be used at high tensile strength and contain no impurities. This has made the plates the perfect option for several critical services in a range of industries in which the request for the strength of the products turns out to be very important. This is a plate imbibing with outstanding durability.

These steel plates prove useful in versatile applications, some of which are building machines, and containers, making steel constructions, building, bridges, making different sorts of vehicles, transport machinery, mobile types of machinery, making automobiles, and special architectural applications. It is quality assured through hardness quality tests, tensile strength, flaring, flattening tests, mechanical and chemical tests, PMI, visual inspection, and third-party inspection to make it undergo stringent quality control. In other words, these SAILMA plates are taken well through the mill, so this stringent quality control guarantees long-haul utility without smashing into damage.

Mechanical Properties of IS2062 E250 Steel Plate

Thickness (mm)Yield Strength Rehmin (N / mm²)Tensile Strength Rmmin (N / mm²)Elongation A5 min(%)Impact Values Charpy-V-Notch Longitudinal Average from 3 Speimens Thk.>10 < 150mm.
1mm to 300mm355-550490-630max 2227 Joules at -20 C

Chemical Properties of IS2062 E250 Steel Plate

Carbon (C): Carbon content in IS2062 E250 Steel Plate will be framed in the mentioned array to have the advised blend of strength and formability required. SAILMA globally stands for Steel Authority of India Limited.

Manganese (Mn): Strengthens steel and increases the hardenability of the steel. Manganese is a chief component in IS2062 E250 Steel Plate, mostly added to increase the mechanical properties.

Phosphorus (P): Phosphorus content is controlled to ensure good weldability and to prevent brittleness in IS2062 E250 Steel Plate.

Sulfur (S): Keeping the sulfur within this limit gives good machinability at the expense of mechanical properties because sulfur is an incompatible element.


65 Per Kg Approx
  • Is 2062 E350BR Steel plate
  • Is 2062 E350C Steel plate
  • Is 2062 E350HI Steel Plate
  • Is 2062 E450BR Steel PLate
  • Is 2062 E410BR Steel Plate
  • Is 2062 E550HR Steel Plate

Sailma Plates Specification :

Item: High Tensile Steel Plate – IS2062 E250 Steel Plate 
Thickness: 5mm-150mm
Width: 1000mm-2500mm
Length: 3000mm-18000mm

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