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What is Hot Rolled Coils?

Hot rolled coils (HRC) the category of the steels processed by treatment under hot rolling falls under this example. Some of the treatments that the steel and steel products slabs or billets are heated over 1700°F (926°C) in this case pass through include being heated to high temperatures before being passed through rolling mills.

Equivalent grades of Hot Rolled Coils

Hot Rolled Coil, M.S Coils, M.S Angle, Mild Steel Plate, Hot Rolled Steel Plate, Mild Cold Steel Plate, Mild Angle, High-Speed Steel Cold Rolled Sheet, Coil, Strip Grade T1, M2, M35, M42, Cold Work Tool Steel Cold Rolled Sheet, Coil, Strip Grade D2, D3, O1, O2, A2, Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled (HRPO) Steel Sheet, Plate, Coil, Strip Cold Rolled Close Annealed (CRCA) Sheet, Coil, Strip, Slitting Coil Cold Rolled Full Hard (CRFH) Sheet, Coil, Strip, Slitting Coil, High Strength Steel Sheet, Plate for Cold Forming, Thermomechanically Rolled QStE 340 TM, QStE 380 TM, QStE 420 M, QStE 500 TM, QStE 550 TM Sheets, Plates S315 MC, S355 MC, S420 MC, S460 MC, S500 MC, S600 MC, S650 MC, S700 MC High Yield Strength

Hot Rolled Coils Grade Specification!

Shiv Shakti Steel & metals is one of the major player companies manufacturing high density of Hot Rolled Coil and Plates. Quality development is taken into consideration not only at the production site of high-grade stainless steel but also while supplying and exporting merchandise all around the world. Hot Rolled coil is a high-yield structural steel product, designed according to European standards.

With a range of various types, finishes, and sizes delivered to particular applications, in the most varied thicknesses and lengths, it is unbeatable as an all-around range of our plates. We are tailored for custom-manufactured sized and even shaped plates. Amongst these are some special properties with the ability to perform well against chlorides and mild cyclic environments, prone to corrosion.

Hot Rolled Coils exhibit resistance to corrosion atmospheres and are both marine and industrial practicably impervious to natural atmospheres. Their life is so amazing as they may be exposed to chemicals like sulphuric, phosphoric, nitric, organic and inorganic acids. Further, they resist oxidation because of the formation of protective layers over the surfaces. We offer Hot Rolled Coil made from one of the best grade steel.

The high tensile Hot Rolled Coil provides high tensile strength, which makes these plates apt for bearing heavy loads. The durability of the steel plates allows it to take the respective pressure of different loads and that too for long-term loads. Uses generally include machine building, container building, steel construction, bridge building, automobile construction, vehicle construction, transport, mobile equipment, automobile production, and architectural structures.

These are exposed under strict quality parameters for hardness, tensile strength, bending, flattening tests, mechanical tests, chemical tests, PMI, visual checks, and third-party inspections to make sure that the plates produced by Hot rolled are trustworthy. Through this assurance, there is quality long-term use without risk of crumbling.

Item : Hot Rolled vs Cold Rolled Coils 

Thickness : 1mm-150mm
Width : 1000mm-2500mm
Length : 3000mm-18000mm

Size: 1000mm-6000mm

Difference Between Hot Rolled & cold Rolled Coils

Hot Rolled Coils (HRC) and Cold Rolled Coils (CRC) are two different qualitative kinds of steel coils, made from different processes and hence distinctly different properties and utility.

Manufacturing Process:

Hot Rolled Coils (HRC)- produced by heating steel slabs approximately above their re-crystallization temperature, about 1700°F (926°C), and then rolling the material to slim plates. The process is rolled at a very high speed and high temperature to enable scale surface buildup on the steel.

Cold-Rolled Coils (CRC): These are manufactured either at room temperature or even when the temperature falls slightly below it. First, the steel is hot-rolled to the desired thickness at a level close to, or even at, red heat; further, it is coldly reduced at the mills to its final thickness while holding tight dimensional tolerances, and a smoother surface is obtained.

Surface Finish:

Hot Rolled Coils: (HRC) have a scaled and rough surface that gives the characteristic of the HRC from the cooling process followed by a rolling operation. It lacks a smooth surface compared to cold-rolled coils.

Cold Rolled Coils (CRC): The surface of the coil is relatively smoother and polished in contrast to the HRC. In processing, finer means with minimal blemishing. Buffing of the final stage is done to give bright lustre and shine to the surface of CRC.

Thickness Tolerance:

Hot Rolled Coils (HRC): HRC may have a wide tolerance on thickness vis-a-vis a CRC as a result of immediate cooling that may result in through-thickness variations.

Cold Rolled Coils (CRC): These are cold-rolled coils, which present precise and consistent thickness tolerance.

Mechanical Properties of M.S Coil /Steel Plate.

Thickness (mm)Yield Strength Rehmin (N / mm²)Tensile StrengthElongation A5 min(%)Hardness
1MM to 300MM205 to 340 MPa330 to 440  (MPa)20% to 25%.120 to 210 BHR

Chemical Properties of Hot Rolled Coils

The content of the steel with different elements influencing in diverse mechanical and physical properties; these can be used to determine the chemical properties of M.S. Coils and steel plates. In common, the following key chemical properties are associated with M.S. Coils and Steel Plates below:

Carbon (C):

Mild steel contains a relatively low percentage of carbon. Carbon contributes to the strength and hardness of the steel. The carbon content in mild steel typically ranges from 0.05% to 0.25%.

Manganese (Mn):

Manganese normally alloys to increase mild steel’s strength and malleability. This helps the formation of the ferrite and pearlite phases during the solidification of steel.

Phosphorus (P) and Sulfur (S):

When high, impurities are treated as such and usually kept at low levels. High contents of phosphorous and sulfur most often result in the steel becoming so prejudicious in corrosiveness, ductility, and weldability.

Price of Hot Rolled Coils

55 Per Kg Approx
  • M.S Steel Plate
  • M.S Coils
  • Hot Rolled Steel Plate
  • Cold Rolled Steel Plate
  • M.S Steel

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