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Leading suppliers of High Tensile, High Yield, High Hardness, Weather Resistant and all kinds of Special Steel.

Shiv Shakti Steel & Metals was established in the year 2005 and has become a key factor in the metal markets because of our prompt delivery of the best quality raw materials and the astonishingly low prices we offer.

Today markets in India & world over are demanding products with better performance, more reliability and higher quality. We focus on catering to the needs of such producers and giving them the best before and after-sales service. Big or small we process any orders quickly and effectively, with usual lead times of a week or less.

We supply products as per National & International Standards like ASTM, BS, IS, DIN, ANME, ANSI, MSS, etc keeping the best Quality Management process, efficient and skilled workforce and responsive after-sales service.

Our leadership has been achieved primarily through total commitment to ‘Customer Service’. You can have complete confidence in dealing with Shiv Shakti Steel & Metals that you will be obtaining the best material, delivery, value & service. Shiv Shakti Steel & Metals products have applications in various sectors such as Power, Nuclear Energy, Fertilizers, Petrochemical &, Refineries, Sugar, Automobiles, Dairy, Oil, Paper, Architectural, Textile machinery, Pharmaceutical & Chemical, etc.

Product Catogories

Our Products

The best steel plate for you will depend on the exact needs of your application. Most of the steel plates are usually designed for structural applications, and some may have special strength properties, corrosion resistance, formability, or weldability.

Sailma Steel Plates

SAILMA is high-strength structural steel rolled out under the brand of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL). The company guarantees that the plates from SAILMA meet most engineering and structural applications with high strength and durability.

Corten Steel Plates

Shiv Shakti Steel & Metals is a full-line manufacturer and supplier of Corten Steel Plate, having complete production equipment and machines when rolling and drawing. This would allow us to produce the different sizes: from narrow to wide, cut to size corten steel plate. Corten Steel Plate / IRSM 41 – 97 Steel Plate is of great quality that meets the customer’s requirement.

Boiler Steel Plates

Boiler steel plates are specifically designed to withstand the high temperatures and pressures involved in the operation of boilers and pressure vessels

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry Steel Plate

IS 2062 E350BR Sailma STEEL PLATE



Strategic Partnerships

We are authorized Stuckists & dealers of top Indian Steel Manufacturers & have strategic partnership with many others.


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