S355J2G3 Vs S355J2+N Steel Plate

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S355J2G3 Structural Steel

S355J2G3 Structural Steel

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What is S355J2G3 Structural Steel Plate?

EN 10025-2:2004 defines S355J2G3 as a non-alloy structural steel, and the “S” in the name defines it as structural steel. “355” is the required minimum yield strength in megapascal (MPa) of the steel at a thickness less than 16 millimeters. In a bit of developing background by name, “J2” means the Design temperature -20C and the average impact properties can be fully met by test pieces. This condition makes it ideal even for low-temperature applications.

 It is S355J2, it is then a low alloy, high strength, normalized non-alloy structural steel with good machinability that complies with all mechanical and chemical properties set by EN 10025 in the making of structural members, beams, columns, and other shapes pertinent to the constructions and engineering industries.

>> Equivalentgrades of S355J2G3 Structural Steel

This is the structural steel S355J2G3, or in other words, the steel properties of S355J2+N, the S355J2G3 alloy, and the high-strength S355J2+N steel with S355J2G3 Malaysian equivalent material according to EN 10025-2, weldability of S355J2+N, tensile strength of S355J2G3, steel plate up to the thickness of S355J2G.

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Shiv Shakti Steel & Metals is one of the most trusted companies involved in manufacturing S355J2G3 Structural Steel. Our commitment goes beyond manufacturing to supply and export across the globe. S355J2G3 Plates are styled according to European standards and provide better quality that conquers applications.

We offer varied diversity in the form, finish, and size of the plate for wide-ranging applications. We, with our specialization, excel in the art of custom sizing and shaping plates accordingly, to suit the varied demands put forward by our clients. This plate offers outstanding impervious properties, particularly with chloride and a mild cyclic corrosion environment.

S355J2G3 Structural Steel is fit to resist a very corrosive atmosphere, which almost defies wear and tear in just about all the roughest conditions. Exposure to chemicals like sulfuric, phosphoric, nitric, organic, and inorganic acids present the grade of plate very much resistant to it. The plates also resist oxidation very well due to the formation of the protective layer on the surface.

The steel grades of S355J2G3 Structural Steel Plates affirm great tensile strength and are offered in varied grades like the S355J2G3 Structural Steel, Corten Steel Plate, Corten A Steel Plate, Corten B Steel Plate, IRSM 41-97 Steel Plate. Consequently, they are fitting to be applied to industries where they necessitate high capacity in loading. These, therefore, must be designed and must prove to have a maximum tensile design and be durable enough to carry a maximum load of pressure within the specified time.

These steel plates are applicable for use in machine building, container building, steel building structures, bridge construction, vehicle construction, and so on. S355J2G3 Structural Steel goes through general and stringent quality checks that include the hardness test, tensile test, flaring test, flattening test, mechanical test, chemical test, PMI test, ultrasonic test, and third-party check. The main reason for this is that their quality is guaranteed to be of the very highest order, hence ensuring that they last a long life of utility without damage.


S355J2G3 Structural Steel

>> Mechanical Properties of S355J2G3 Structural Steel

Thickness (mm)Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation A5 min(%)Hardness
1mm to 300mm355-550490-63021% to 26%between 160 and 185 HB

>> Chemical Properties of S355J2G3 Structural Steel

The chemical composition of S355J2G3 structural steel is specified by the EN 10025 standard. The main elements and their typical ranges are as follows:

    1. Carbon (C): The maximum carbon content is typically 0.22%.

    2. Silicon (Si): The maximum silicon content is generally 0.55%.

    3. Manganese (Mn): The manganese content ranges between 1.60% and 1.80%.

    4. Phosphorus (P): The maximum phosphorus content is limited to 0.035%.

    5. Sulfur (S): The maximum sulfur content is restricted to 0.035%.

    6. Nitrogen (N): The maximum nitrogen content is usually 0.012%.

    7. Copper (Cu): The maximum copper content is typically 0.55%.

    8. Niobium (Nb): The maximum niobium content is generally 0.06%.

    9. Vanadium (V): The maximum vanadium content is typically 0.12%.

NitrogenCopper (CU)Niobium (NB)Vanadiaum(V)Carbon (C)

S355J2G3 Structural Steel Specification :

Item:  S355J2G3 Structural Steel Plate
Thickness: 5mm-150mm
Width: 1000mm-2500mm
Length: 3000mm-18000mm

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