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Is 2062 E350 Sailma Steel Sheet

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>> What is "Is 2062  E350" Steel Sheet?

IS 2062 E350 High Tensile Steel Sheet is considered a high-tensile strength Sheet with an imposing look because of its extreme durability and versatility. In other words, it can be denoted as the Superhero of the Steel world, designed in the best way to make heavy applications appear feeble.

With this quality, you can bet with confidence, be it in construction, automotive, or heavy machinery. Designed to put out wear and tear, hence requiring suitability for most projects in need of high tensile strength and toughness.

Is 2062  E350 Steel Sheet: A war cry reverberating through industrial corridors unfolds into something more than steel, with promises of light, tough and much more efficient to the core. This high tensile structural steel speaks a language in itself, bringing in quality high above, thus allowing infrastructure to soar beyond the regular. In the midst was placed the power to give birth, not just to products but to narratives of strength.

Sailma 450 is repeated in unison by the form of the sheets, from the structures, the steel turns into a melody composed by Shiv Shakti Steel & Metals. When it comes to marvels in the high tensile strengths, the manufacturers’ prowess knows no bounds venturing into S690 QL plates, S690 QL, TISCRAL, and C45 PLATE.

>> Different grades of Sailma Steel Plate 

IS2062 E-250 FE410WA, IS2062 E-250 FE410WB, IS2062 E-250 FE410WC, IS-2062 E-250 FE410 WA, IS-2062 E-250 FE410 WB, IS 2062 E-250 FE410 WC, IS2062 E-300 FE440, IS2062 E-350 FE490, IS2062 E-410 FE540, IS2062 E-450 FE570-D, IS-2062 E-300 FE440, IS-2062 E-350 FE490, IS-2062 E-410 FE540, IS-2062 E-450 FE570-D, IS2062 E-450 FE590-E, IS2062 E250 A, IS2062 E250BR, IS2062 E250BO, IS2062 E250, IS-2062 E-450 FE590-E, IS-2062 E-250A, IS-2062 E-250BR, IS-2062 E-250BO, IS-2062 E-250C IS2062 E-350A, IS2062 E-350BR, IS2062 E-350BO, IS2062 E-350C IS-2062 E-350 A, IS-2062 E-350 BR, IS-2062 E-350 BO, IS-2062 E-350 C IS2062 E-410A, IS2062 E-410BR, IS2062 E-410BO, IS2062 E-410C IS-2062 E-410A, IS-2062 E-410BR, IS-2062 E-410BO, IS-2062 E-410C IS2062 E450A, IS2062 E450BR, IS2062 E550A, IS2062 E450BR, IS2062 E550A, IS2062 E550BR IS-2062 E450 A, IS-2062 E450 BR, IS-2062 E550 A, IS-2062 E450 BR, IS-2062 E550 A, IS-2062 E550 BR IS2062 E600A, IS2062 E600BR, IS2062 E650A, IS2062 E650BR IS-2062 E600 A, IS-2062 E600 BR, IS-2062 E650 A, IS-2062 E650 BR SAILMA 300 HIGH TENSILE STRUCTURAL STEEL PLATES DEALER, SAILMA STEEL PLATES, 410 SAILMA PLATES, 450 HIGH STRENGTH STEEL PLATE, SAILMA STEEL PLATES EXPORTER, SAILMA 300 STRUCTURAL PLATES, SAILMA STEEL PLATE SUPPLIER IN INDIA.

Shiv Shakti Steel & Metals, is expanded in our commitments to the supply and global export of Sailma IS 2062 E250 Steel Sheet these Sheet also Designed according to the European standards and applied in various qualities, applying in various industrial uses, successing in the SAILMA Steel Sheet. belongs to the plates are available with us in many designs, finishing, such as application-specific, and many others along with varying dimensions. We specialize in various custom-made plates that we offer different sizes and shapes as per our client’s varied needs. These Sheet show an astonishing property, endowing chloride, and mild cyclic conditions, which are known for their corrosive nature.

SAILMA steel Sheet prove resistant in all sense to aggressive atmospheres, other than separating their immunity to wear by impact of weather. They show resistance to sulphuric, in addition to phosphoric and nitric acid, chemicals with organic and inorganic acids, and thus their durability is immense. The plates resist oxidation because there are a number of some protective layer like oxide, nitride, and fluoride alloys developed on their surfaces.

The high tensile grade steel ensures high-end strength, and SAILMA Structural Steel Sheet are available in various grades such as IS2062 E-250 FE410WA, IS2062 E-250 FE410WB, IS2062 E-250 FE410WC, IS-2062 E-250 FE410 WA, IS 2062 E-250 FE410WB, IS 2062 E-250 FE410WC, etc. The high tensile strength takes it into industries requiring tough load-bearing capacity. The durability in the product itself takes it into a stand, the load of pressure year after year.

Steel Sheet of this grade find their applications in machine building, container construction, steel structures, bridge construction, vehicle manufacturing, transport, mobile equipment, automobile production, and architectural structures. Again, the SAILMA Sheet undergo several quality checks such as hardness, tensile test, flaring test, flattening test, mechanical testing, chemical testing, PMI testing, and is checked through visual examination and third-party inspections while dispatching to increase its overall level of quality. This additional check speeds up long-standing utility before damage takes place.

is-2062-e350-steel sheet

Mechanical Properties of Is 2062  E350 Steel Sheet

Thickness (mm)Yield Strength Rehmin (N / mm²)Tensile Strength Rmmin (N / mm²)Elongation A5 min(%)Impact Values Charpy-V-Notch Longitudinal Average from 3 Speimens Thk.>10 < 150mm.
1mm to 300mm355-550490-630max 2227 Joules at -20 C

Chemical Properties of Is 2062  E350 Steel Sheet

Carbon (C): Carbon content in the design of “Is 2062  E350” Steel is general restricted within certain limits so as to control the demanded combination of strength and formability.

Manganese (Mn): The role of manganese: manganese helps in giving a boost to its strength and hardenability. For getting strength benefits, manganese is contained to enhance the place of the “Is 2062  E350” Steel Plate.

Phosphorus (P): Phosphorus content is controlled to ensure good weldability and to prevent brittleness in Sailma “Is 2062  E350” Steel Plate

Sulfur (S): The high sulfur is kept to a minimum to have good machinability and avoid deterioration of mechanical properties.


65 Per Kg Approx
  • Is 2062 E350BR Steel plate
  • Is 2062 E350C Steel plate
  • Is 2062 E350HI Steel Plate
  • Is 2062 E450BR Steel PLate
  • Is 2062 E410BR Steel Plate
  • Is 2062 E550HR Steel Plate

Sailma Plates Specification :

Item: High Tensile Steel Plate – Is 2062  E350
Thickness: 5mm-150mm
Width: 1000mm-2500mm
Length: 3000mm-18000mm

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