Carbon Cold Rolled Sheet/Coils

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>> What is Carbon Cold Rolled Sheet/Coils?

Carbon Steel:Carbon steel is a type of steel where the main alloying element is carbon. It is one of the most commonly used materials in the manufacturing industry due to its versatility, strength, and relatively low cost. Carbon steel contains varying levels of carbon, typically ranging from 0.05% to 2.0%.

Cold Rolled Sheet/Coils:Cold rolling is a manufacturing process that involves passing the steel through rollers at temperatures below its recrystallization point. This process is done at room temperature or slightly above, imparting various benefits such as improved surface finish, tighter dimensional tolerances, and increased strength compared to hot-rolled steel.

>> Equivalent grades of Carbon Cold Rolled Sheet/Coils

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Shiv Shakti Steel & metals stands out as a premier company in the manufacturing of Corten Cold Rolled Steel/Coils.  Our commitment extends beyond manufacturing, encompassing the supply and global export of these plates. Designed in accordance with European standards, Sailma plates exhibit superior quality, excelling across diverse applications.

With a range of forms, finishes, and dimensions tailored to specific applications, our plates meet varied thickness and length requirements. We also specialize in manufacturing custom-sized and shaped plates to accommodate different needs. Notably, these plates exhibit remarkable properties, enduring chloride, and mild cyclic environments known for their corrosive nature.

CR (Cold Rolled) coil/Steel showcases resistance to corrosive atmospheres, defying wear and tear even in challenging conditions. Their longevity is remarkable, withstanding exposure to chemicals such as sulphuric, phosphoric, nitric, organic, and inorganic acids. Moreover, the plates resist oxidation due to the formation of protective layers on their surfaces.

The high-tensile grade steel ensures exceptional strength, and Corten steel Plates are available in various grades like Corten A Steel, Corten B Steel, And Corten Facade Corten IRSM 41-97 among others. With high tensile strength, these plates find application in industries requiring robust load-bearing capacity. Their durability enables them to withstand high load pressure over time.

These steel plates find versatile applications in machine building, container construction, steel structures, bridge construction, vehicle manufacturing, transport, mobile equipment, automobile production, and architectural structures. Rigorous quality tests, including hardness, tensile strength, flaring, flattening, mechanical and chemical tests, PMI, visual inspection, and third-party inspections, ensure the reliability of Corten Seel Plates. This stringent quality control guarantees their long-term utility without succumbing to damage.

Carbon Cold Rolled Sheet Coils

>> Mechanical Properties of Carbon Cold Rolled Sheet/Coils

Thickness (mm)Yield Strength Rehmin (N / mm²)Tensile Strength Rmmin (N / mm²)Elongation A5 min(%)Impact Values Charpy-V-Notch Longitudinal Average from 3 Speimens Thk.>10 < 150mm.
1mm to 300mm355-550490-630max 2227 Joules at -20 C

>> Chemical Properties of Carbon Cold Rolled Sheet/Coils

  1. The chemical composition of Corten A steel, also known as ASTM A242 Type 1, is specified by the ASTM International standards. Corten A is a weathering steel that develops a protective rust layer on its surface, which enhances its corrosion resistance. Here are the typical chemical properties of Corten A steel:

    1. Carbon (C): Maximum 0.12%. Carbon is a key element in steel and influences its strength and hardness.

    2. Manganese (Mn): Maximum 1.00%. Manganese contributes to the steel’s strength and promotes the formation of a protective oxide layer.

    3. Phosphorus (P): Maximum 0.15%. Phosphorus is typically limited to improve the steel’s weldability.

    4. Sulfur (S): Maximum 0.030%. Similar to phosphorus, sulfur is controlled to enhance weldability and avoid brittleness.

    5. Silicon (Si): Maximum 0.75%. Silicon improves the steel’s resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

PRICE OF Carbon Cold Rolled Sheet/Coils

69 Per Kg approx
  • Corten A steel Plate
  • Corten B Steel Plate
  • Corten Steel, IRSM 41
  • Corten IRSM 41-97 Steel
  • S355J2N Steel Plates

Carbon Cold Rolled Sheet/Coils Specification :

Item: Corten Steel Plate – Corten A Steel Plate
Thickness: 1mm-300mm
Width: 1000mm-2500mm
Length: 3000mm-18000mm

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