Steel industry likely to benefit from GST, rate stands at 18 per cent

KOLKATA: Steel industry is likely to benefit from the new GST rate for steel which has been finalised at 18% ­­also the slab that includes most number of items. With key inputs like coal, iron ore pegged at 5%, which is the lowest slab under GST, steel companies like JSW Steel, JSPL, Tata Steel, SAIL etc., could be looking at lower input costs. Together, with a substantial slash in transport costs due to unified and standard tax rate under GST, this is likely to help steel companies reeling under large debt and also keep steel prices stable. Commenting on it, H Shivramkrishnan, Director, Commercial, Essar Steel said the GST rates are on expected lines. “We expect the requirement of working capital to go up in the immediate future. But going forward, GST will have a beneficial impact on the steel sector and the economy,” he added. On Friday, Tata Steel stock went up 0.53% to Rs 489.40 on BSE, JSW Steel rose 1.12% to close at Rs 193.55. Companies expect a reduction in logistics costs and time under GST. Presently, each time it crosses a state there are number of check post which delay the supply of goods to the customer. Under GST, a unified and standard rate of tax will reduce CVS Pharmacy launches its own mobile payments and loyalty solution, CVS Pay – TechCrunch dragon pharma bodybuilding the power of peppermint: 15 health benefits revealed this cost and delay. In the post GST regime, industry estimates a 40 to 45% saving on time taken in movement of goods. Exclusion of gas from GST purview is a matter of concern especially for gas­based steel and power plants, said Essar Steel. It will also impact a number of smaller secondary sector players too who plan to use gas, a cleaner alternative fuel to produce steel.


Source: Economic Times.