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What is S355J2+N / E350C Steel Plate 

We at Shiv Shakti steel & alloys are manufacturing and supplying S355J2+N / E350 C PLATE. In our industry we manufacture and supply the products made of high-quality raw material. These Steel Plates are multipurpose and are used in many of the robust applications which are useful and effective in the types of industrial fields. We manufacture our products as per the need of the customer. From the dimensions to packaging all the steps are followed in a customized way. We are providing these Steel Plates all across the globe in the worldwide industrial market. s

They are little much cheaper than the other types of steel and saves material costing, processing and handling the cost. They are lightweight and have more durability also they are more efficient product and structure. The S355J2+N / E350 C PLATE are the steel Steel Plates made of the carbon steel. The alloys used in the manufacturing of these Steel Plates are having many of the different properties and features.

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If we talk about their appearance the steel Steel Plates are having a rough texture with dull and matt over their structure which is having little less shining. They can be very well defined as Structural steel. The alloy steel is more brittle than stainless steel often at room temperature. The steel alloy of carbon steel is very harder in nature and is stronger and comprises more toughness.

The ductility of the steel plate is less as compared to other steel alloys but with the use of advanced machining and tools, we at Shiv Shakti steel & alloys can make steel Steel Plates with the desired dimension. The alloy used in carbon steel Steel Plates S355J2+N / E350 C are having a Lower melting point and thus can perform cold forming and hot forming as well. This alloy of carbon steel is having the property to adopt brittle layer over its top and thus can easily resist temperature attack. They are thus having higher temperature resistance and higher heat resistance.

Unlike the other steels, besides having more brittle structure the carbon steel Steel Plates are having High tensile strength and elongation properties and can overcome stress corrosion and cracking. These steel Steel Plates are also having higher shear strength. The steel Steel Plates are also compatible with the cutting and machining curriculums and provide free cutting. These Steel Plates are Manufactured and supplied in quenched and tempered condition. These Steel Plates are also having Good bending properties.

The packaging done by Shiv Shakti steel & alloys is having very greater efficiency and are having the best quality. We offer to provide the packaging services according to the needs of the customers. The steel Steel Plates thus designed are packed in the same way. We have boxes made of wood, metal, hard plastic and cardboard. These boxes are made as per the dimensions and sizes of the Steel Plates are then kept and delivered in bundles tied together with nylon ropes. These packages are usually delivered in bulk to different factories and industries. The packages are being tracked at the entire path of the delivery by our experts and even notified to the customer.

Standard Specification






Material no.

S355 J2+N








S355J2+N High Tensile Strength Steel Plate

E350C High tensile Structural Steel Steel Plates

EN10025-2 S355J2+N Steel Plate Stockists

S355J2+N / E350 C Hot Rolled Steel Steel Plates Dealer

S355J2+N High Tensile Strength Structural Steel Steel Plates

E350 Steel Plate Stockholder

High Tensile S355J2+N / E350C Plate Supplier

S355J2+N / E350C Industrial Steel Plates Trader in India

S355JR Steel Plate Distributor

IS 2062 E350 Plate Manufacturers

S355JR Steel Steel Plates Exporter

S355K2 Grade Steel Plates in India








S355 J2+N

0.22 max

0.55 max

1.60 max

0.035 max

0.035 max<

0.047 max

(E350) Fe 490

0.20 max

0.45 max

1.50 max

0.045 max

0.045 max<


Thickness (mm)

Yield Strength Rehmin (N / mm²)

Tensile Strength Rmmin (N / mm²)

Elongation A5 min(%)

Impact Values Charpy-V-Notch LongitudinalAverage from 3 Speimens Thk.>10<150mm.





max 22

27 Joules at -20 C






25 Joules at -20 C


We procure stock of E350C / S355J2N Plates from all major Indian Steel Mills like SAIL, TATA, JSPL, JSW, Essar Steel, etc.